How Dark to Go When Tinting Your Windows

Aside from which company is privileged with your business, one of the biggest and most important decisions you will make regarding tinting your windows is how dark of a percentage you have applied. There are a multitude of aspects one must consider when making this decision, and everyone has their own wants and needs. I've comprised some examples and information to help consumers gain more confidence in their decision after consulting with a professional or purchasing film for a DIY project. You can also go to our FILM VIEWER for a virtual sample of what your ride will look like with different percentages.

First, a little educating is in order.



Film darkness is measured by percentages. The percentage refers to what is called the Visible Light Transmittance, or VLT, VT, or Tvis for short. It determines how much visible light is transferred through the glass or glazing material (window tint, window film). The higher the number is the lighter the film, so in contrast, the lower the number the darker the film.

Sustainability Workshop describes it as such: