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CCGT offers multiple discounts to the community for our Lifetime Warranty Automotive Film installation! Only one applicable per project.

  • 10% Off Most Full Car and Truck Installs when you Follow & "Check-In" on CCGT's Facebook

  • 15% Discount on Most Full Car and Truck Installs for Repeat Customers

  • 15% Discount on Most Full Car and Truck Installs for Govt Employees of Any Government Entity, Any Public Servant, and Anyone with Military Experience. (ID Required) 

Needless to say, we believe in taking care of those who take care of us, and we are truly grateful for all of your sacrifices for our communities! 


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5400 Business 50 West, Ste #6 

Jefferson City, MO 65109

Email: CCGTinting@gmail.com

Phone: 573.529.9997

Estimates over the phone and online are subject to change pending unforeseen circumstances previously unknown at the time of the estimate. Condition and design of the vehicle's windows and gaskets, extreme odor, or extreme clutter, which create more time, difficulty, and work for the CCGT Team to maintain quality standards, are all taken into consideration before we start the project. Discounts and film series options are not applicable in some of these situations and for some vehicles. Examples include but not limited to:

*Anything quoted $250 or higher using Epic Series. Usually these are larger or is a specialty vehicle that require more film and/or time.  

*Front Two Window install in Epic Series 

*Front Windshield Strip Installation

*BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Tesla, and others can take an extra hour and are usually $225 or more instead of the standard $200 with no discounts available. 

*Classic Vehicles, Older Camaros, and Corvettes

*More than one set of quarter/stationary windows or the single set usually included is much larger than most comparable vehicles. Pricing varies.

*Old film and adhesive removal – Full car removal starts at $110, but can run higher or lower depending on the time taken for removal process and amount of removal necessary. This is mainly dependent on the back glass and the time it takes to safely remove it.

*Excessive curvature to the back glass, large sedans, and/or necessary panel removal

*Excessive clutter and personal items in the back seat on full vehicle projects (Car seats are okay, but we cannot buckle them back in due to liability) 

*Deodorization necessary to avoid offensive smells in the bay and office areas 

CCGT will only ever charge more if it is necessary, but it is important to make sure any transactions made are done fairly for everyone.

We wanrt to take care of everyone to the best of our abilities, and we don’t like hidden fees. We will tell you of any additional charges before we start. It is very rare and only in special circumstances do we need to charge more after beginning the project, but we will notify you beforehand if we see that as a possibility.


Thank You for you understanding, and we look forward to earning your business for a lifetime!

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