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Paint Protection Film Services (PPF)

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Sport Car

Not only can we protect your interior with our superior window films, but we can also protect your exterior, too! CCGT offers high quality PPF and installation that provides an easy to clean surface, optically clear shine, and more stain fighting power! In true CCGT spirit, we choose to provide our clients with Valor, Llumar's highest quality PPF. Serving all of Jefferson City, the Lake Ozark Area, Columbia, & more, our mission is to become the leading PPF dealer in all of Mid-MO, with the highest quality films and craftsmanship available!


About Llumar Valor PPF

LLumar® Valor paint protection film gives you the self-healing protection of a superior PPF with a ceramic finish in a single product. The ultra-glossy finish has high levels of hydrophobicity, repelling so much dirt and water, it practically cleans itself!

Valor offers a strong shield for your car’s exterior against all kinds of road hazards. It is backed with a manufacturer’s limited 12 year warranty, because it’s made to stand up to nature’s worst for many miles to come!

Easy-Clean Surface

  • OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology, which is super hydrophobic, for effortless washing and less dirt build-up.

Optically Clear Shine

  • Keep your right-off-the-lot look going strong with Valor’s ultra-glossy finish, free of orange peel-like texture and optical distortion.

More Stain-Fighting Power

  • Defend against against acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap with up to 25% more environmental resistance than typical PPF.

Self-Healing Technology

  • Protection against rocks, road debris, winter salt and sand while self-healing surface scratches with sun or engine heat. 


CCGT offers multiple packages to choose from. Protect every painted surface, or we can customize your installation to tailor to your needs and budget! Installations are only applicable on painted surfaces and headlights. Prices are not set and may vary per vehicle circumstances.

Please call us for a free, no obligation estimate.

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Custom Individual Prices

  • 18" Hood - $200+

  • 24" Hood - $250+

  • Full Hood - $500-$750+

  • Headlights - $200+ 

  • Fender Tips - $250+

  • Full Front Fenders - $500+

  • Front Bumper $500+

  • Rear Bumper Top - $100+

  • Mirrors - $100+

  • Roof - $1000+

  • Door Cups x4 - $100+

  • Door Edge Guards x4 - $100+

  • Rocker Panels - $200+

  • Splash Guards - Rear - $100+, x4 - $200+

Package Deals

Epic Package - $400+

  • First 18" of Hood measured from center

  • Front Fender Tips (around 8"-10" back)

  • Front of Mirrors 

Legendary Package - $1500+

  • Full Hood

  • Full Front Fenders 

  • Front of Mirrors 

Epic Plus - $450+

  • First 24" of Hood measured from center

  • Front Fender Tips 

  • Front of Mirrors 

Legendary Plus - $2000+

  • Full Hood

  • Full Front Fenders 

  • Front Bumper

  • Front of Mirrors 


Mythic Package - $3350+

  • Full Hood

  • Full Front Fenders 

  • Front Bumper

  • Front of Mirrors 

  • Rear Bumper Top

  • Door Edge Guards

  • Door Cups

  • Headlights

  • Rocker panels

  • Splash Guards 

Ghost It - $5500 - $7000+

Every Possible Painted Surface in as Few Pieces as Possible​ + Headlights

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