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Automotive Glass Tinting

       CCGT provides the luxury of choosing between multiple qualities of film and shades/VLT's that range in efficiency and visibility. The Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) determines the amount of light transferred through the glass once the film is installed. The higher the tier you choose, the lighter you can go while simultaneously gaining more Total Solar Energy Rejection(TSER/heat rejection). In other words, a higher investment will yield higher rewards in heat rejection and efficiency out of what VLT is chosen.

Regardless of which film is chosen, all film specs are independently tested, twice, so we can stand behind the performance promised with the upmost confidence.

Legal applications include a Nationwide Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, and we honor our artistry to the highest standards with a Quality Workmanship Guarantee! (Our promise your project will be completed as close to perfection as possible!)

Gain up to 62% better heat rejection, and enjoy up to 94% more glare reduction in the process.

Be sure to check out Article Alley for more info and samples of film percentages, and other helpful tips and tricks.

Discounts Available on Most Projects for:

  • Follow Us on Facebook & Check into CCGT

  • Repeat Customers

  • First Responders (law enforcement, paramedics, fire dept., etc.)

  • Government Employees (Any Public Entity - local, state, or federal employee)

  • Military (active or veteran with ID)

  • Caregivers (RN, LPN, CNA, CMT, hospitality staff, etc.) 

  • Active Student (with ID)

  • Educators (active or retired with ID)

Auto Tinting Discounts include:

  • $25 OFF full vehicle installations

  • $10 OFF front two side window installs

  • $25 OFF windshield strip/banner/brow everyday or with purchase of any tint installation valued at $125 or more

Other Discounted Services:

  • $5 off Windshield or 10% Off All Glass Glassparency Glass Treatment 

  • $25 off Windshield Chip Repair

  • 10% OFF Paint Corrections

  • 10% OFF Ceramic Coatings

  • 10% OFF Paint Protection Film Installation 

  • 15% OFF Chemicals and Towels (in-store only)

Mythic Series

CCGT's Mythic Series, featuring Llumar IRX technology, is a nano-ceramic film but is integrated with incredible infrared blockers, giving you next-level protection like you get with our Legendary, only better! If you are looking for one of the best performing films Llumar has to offer in the Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks, & Columbia Area, then Mythic Series is the product you're looking for!

Mythic Series offers:

40% VLT provides 53% TSER

15% VLT provides 59% TSER

05% VLT provides 62% TSER

  • Over 99% UV Ray Blockage

  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty 

  • Privacy & Integrity Enhancement

  • Drastic Glare Reduction

Front Two Side Windows - $225

Two & Four Doors - $500

Compact SUV - $500

Regular Size SUV - $550

Full Size SUV & Mini Vans - $600

Full Windshield - $250

Top Banner/Brow/Glare Strip - $75

Estimated Investment

Legendary Series

Increase your comfort from dyed films with CCGT's nano-ceramic Legendary Series. Featuring Llumar CTX, this film is specifically designed for high performance, so you don't have to go dark to get efficient anymore! For those who don't want the slight reflectivity that comes with hybrid films, and to eliminate the slight risk of electrical interference, this is the choice for you!

Epic Series offers:

40% VLT provides 33% TSER

20% VLT provides 38% TSER

05% VLT provides 44% TSER

  • Over 99% UV Ray Blockage

  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

  • Privacy & Security Enhancement

  • Drastic Glare Reduction

Legendary Series offers:

40% VLT provides 47% TSER

15% VLT provides 53% TSER

05% VLT provides 60% TSER

  • Over 99% UV Ray Blockage

  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty 

  • Privacy & Integrity Enhancement

  • Drastic Glare Reduction 

Estimated Investment

Front Two Side Roll Downs - $175

Two & Four Doors - $400

Compact SUV - $400

Regular Size SUV - $450

Full Size SUV & Mini Vans - $500

Full Windshield - $200

Top Banner/Brow/Glare Strip - $75

Epic Series


CCGT's Epic Series features Llumar ATC. It is a dyed film, which will give your ride enhanced efficiency and look for a great price! For those who want a quality film for looks, this is a fantastic start.

Ghost Series

Would you like a practically clear film with impeccable performance? We got you.

80% provides 43% TSER

90% provides 30% TSER

  • Reduced Glare

  • Over 99% UV Protection

  • Practically Unnoticeable

  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Full Windshields - $200

Front Two Roll Downs - $175

Two & Four Door Cars - $400

Compact SUV - $400

Regular Size SUV - $500

Full Size SUV & Mini Van - $550

Estimated Investment

Front Two Side Roll Downs - $125

Two & Four Doors - $300

Compact SUV - $300

Regular Size SUV - $350

Full Size SUV & Mini Vans - $400

Full Windshield- $150

Top Banner/Brow/Glare Strip - $75

Estimated Investment

-Trav A.

Great Experience...In Both Product & Service!!! Did a Flawless Job on my Lifetime tint, gave me a ride to and from work for my appointment, and allowed me to be apart of the process! Very knowledgeable about their work and last but not least - Even provided snacks during my wait! I've been a window tint fan for over 5 years now and this is the best one yet!


Estimates over the phone and online are subject to change pending unforeseen circumstances previously unknown at the time of the estimate. Condition and design of the vehicle's windows and gaskets, extreme odor, or extreme clutter, which create more time, difficulty, and work for the CCGT Team to maintain quality standards, are all taken into consideration before we start the project. Film series options are not applicable in some of these situations and for some projects. Examples include but not limited to:


*Classic Vehicles, Older Camaros, and Corvettes

*More than one set of quarter/stationary windows or the single set usually included is much larger than most comparable vehicles. Pricing varies.

*Old film and adhesive removal – Full car removal starts at $150, but can run higher or lower depending on the time taken for removal process and amount of removal necessary. This is mainly dependent on the back glass and the time it takes to remove it as safely as possible. There is no guarantees that there will not be issues with the rear defrost, but we guarantee we will do all we can to avoid that inevitability with certain vehicles, usually older.

*Excessive curvature to the back glass, large sedans, and/or necessary panel removal

*Excessive clutter and personal items in the back seat on full vehicle projects (Car seats are okay, but we cannot buckle them back in due to liability) 

*Deodorization necessary to avoid offensive smells in the bay and office areas 

CCGT will only ever charge more if it is necessary, but it is important to make sure any transactions made are done fairly for everyone.

We want to take care of everyone to the best of our abilities, and we don’t like hidden fees. We will tell you of any additional charges before we start. It is very rare and only in special circumstances do we need to charge more after beginning the project, but we will notify you beforehand if we see that as a possibility.


Thank You for you understanding, and we look forward to earning your business for a lifetime!

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