Do-It-Yourself, Tint-Safe Window and Glass Cleaning Solution & Techniques

In my almost decade long career as a window film specialist, if there is one thing I know how to do, it is clean windows.

Not long into my career was I taught the value in making sure windows and panels were as streak-free as possible. Over the years, I've learned for myself and through others and have accumulated a few different techniques into an easy to learn, quick, and effective system that has worked great for us at our shop. I would like to share this system with anyone else who wants to learn. Whether a pro in field or a DIYer, continue reading if you want to quickly learn how to effectively clean your windows with a homemade solution and/or easily remove decals and its adhesive.


Below is a recommended supply list for the techniques I'm going to share. Many of these things are already found in most homes and businesses and will easily last someone a year or more if they were to designate them to window cleaning.

Supply List:

-Spray bottle - $5 or less - It doesn't have to be fancy; it just needs to work. But, keep your usage in mind. You get what you pay for, so if you know you'll use it more, then investing a little more will be worth it. I recommend Zep's yellow handle with blue trigger or Spray Master's silver bottle and handle with blue trigger

-Rubbing alcohol - $2 - $3 - You can usually find this in 71% or 91%. We use 91% due to our usage, but either or is good.

-Dish soap - $3 - Ultra Joy is what we use with our film installations, but you can use anything you already have at home or in the shop. None of them will harm glass or film, but some do work better than others for breaking up residues and buildup. Dawn Ultra is another good one.

-#0000 Steel Wool - $3 - A pack spreads FAR...

-White or blue scrub pads - Something abrasive, but not as abrasive as the green pads you normally see.