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How to Use:

Spray directly onto glass surface. Wipe to a streak-free shine using paper towels or microfiber towel and lint free glass towels. Avoid using any paper towels containing aloe or additives.

Do not use on hot glass surfaces


Features & Benefits:

  • Alcohol-based solution cleans and removes glass contaminants

  • Preps glass for product application

  • Works on all glass surfaces for a streak-free clean

  • Ammonia free

Features and Benefits:


  • Deep cleans and polishes chrome and glass surfaces to remove scratches, water-spotting, stains, and hard-to-remove contaminants

  • Preps glass for application of GlassParency Hydrophobic Coating

  • Fine grit, creamy texture

  • Can be used to restore "yellowed" headlamp assemblies

  • Scent: Orchid

Recommended Use:

  • Can be applied by hand or polisher

  • **Use of latex gloves is recommended


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