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Financing Options

Often times, people need our services, but they don't quite have the finances available to do what they need. CCGT has both in-shop and third party financing options available to just about anyone for our Auto and Home Film installations!

Normally, we can only guarantee an auto estimate for three months and a residential for six. However, with certain subscriptions, your price will be locked in for up to a full year! No contracts, credit checks, deposit, or pushy communication. You pay what works for you, when works best for you! Call today to find out how to get started!


Pay 10% each month for 10 months! 

CCGT will then schedule a day agreed upon each month to complete work comparable to the payment plan. The higher the payment, the more we will install on the day agreed upon. Need to skip a month or two, NO WORRIES! Your price is locked in for at least 12 months! (Also available for Commercial!)


For automotive, we recommend our third party option. While it is available for residential and commercial as well, they are more suited to handle the needs of our auto clients who need the service asap. Call or message today to find out how it works!

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