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Ceramic Coatings and Paint Correction

CCGT has teamed up with Dr. Detail, the best paint restoration and preservation specialists in Mid-MO! Doing so ensures we can provide the absolute best of the best in every service we offer, in both Jefferson City and Columbia! And, in true CCGT fashion, we are offering the good, the better, and the BEST systems that Ceramic Pro Coatings have to offer! 

Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable yet flexible glass shield. Ceramic Pro can be described as an additional clear coat, with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.


Ceramic Pro 9H (5 Year & Lifetime Warranty)
Ceramic Pro 9H is our flagship product. Once applied it can only be removed through abrasion or machine polish. Its content 70% silica (silicon dioxide) and 30% proprietary solvent. 9H is designed so that layering is possible. Every layer is approximately 1 micron thick, hence you can basically make as many layers as you want before it cracks. A coated surface with 9H get what we call a body and hair. The body is what is the protective layer and the hair is what makes the surface hydrophobic (repellent to water). This is one of the things that make Ceramic Pro 9H unique compared to most of the other brands that only offer products with "hair."


A coated surface with 9H is not 9H hardness on its own. The best way to explain it is that Ceramic Pro 9H enhances the hardness with approximately 2H. If a clear coat has 4H hardness it will with Ceramic Pro 9H get 6H hardness. Ceramic Pro 9H has a good protection against water spots, tree sap etc., but before it's fully cured, it will react to contaminants hence you should always make sure to read the care instructions before leaving with the newly coated ride.

Ceramic Pro Light (2 Year Warranty)
Light is a top coat to 9H that will enhance gloss, depth in the color and increase the contact angle to 114 degrees. Light can be used as a stand/alone product but remember that it has no body only hair! The longevity is approximately 2 years but depends off course on what the vehicle gets exposed to. Light can be used on any surface that don’t absorb.

Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper (Lifetime Warranty)
The formula is based on the industrial coating strong but has higher viscosity which gives the coating a thicker protection.


Ceramic Pro Rain
We recently released an updated version of Rain. Its designed to be multi layered. The coating gives the windshield clarity and makes water roll off easily. 

The Six p's

Step One in any Ceramic coating application is proper paint correction. The system used here provides the best paint correction services in the area, and by highly experienced professionals who have HUNDREDS of corrections on record in Mid-Missouri communities since 2011. The experience is unmatched anywhere nearby, and the results speak for themselves. Proper Paint Prep Prevents Poor Performance, which is why every vehicle getting any ceramic coating with our name on it must first be given FIVE STAR paint correction treatment! 

Ceramic Pro Packages

Prices are for the coating only, Ceramic Pro sets the prices. The correction can range in price depending on a number of things.

Gold Exterior - Lifetime Warranty



  • ​1 Layer of Nano polish (Primer)

  • 4 layers of “9H” as paint protection

  • 1 Extra layer on exposed areas such as front panel and hood.

  • 1 Layers of light (top coat)

  • 1 layer of 9H on plastic on exterior

  • 1 layer of ”Rain” on windshield and front side windows

  • 1 layer of “9H” on all rims

Silver Exterior - 5 Year Warranty



1 Layer of Nano polish (Primer)

  • 1 layers of “9H” as paint protection

  • 1 Layers of light (top coat)

  • 1 layer of 9H on plastic on exterior

  • 1 layer of ”Rain” on windshield and front side windows

  • 1 layer of “9H” on all rims 

Bronze Exterior - 2 Year Warranty



  • 1 Layer of Nano polish (Primer)

  • 1 Layers of Light

  • 1 layer of Light on plastic on exterior

  • 1 layer of ”Rain” on windshield and front two side windows

  • 1 layer of “Light” on all rims 

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