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a guru;

definition: a: a teacher and especially intellectual guide in matters of fundamental concern,

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CCGT's bottom line is simple. THIS IS WHAT WE DO 
 to EDUCATING the public on how to instantly start saving with ARTFULLY HANDCRAFTED window film installation, including the more challenging projects. Anyone with a vehicle, home, business, semi-truck, or farm/heavy equipment will benefit from professional tinting. There are multiple benefits that come with window film installation that start immediately after application. Most film benefits include, but not limited to:

-Over 99% UV Ray Blockage for Skin/Eye and Interior Protection

-33%-62% better Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER/heat rejection)
-Complete Shade for Better Efficiency and Cooler Comfort
-Color Stability to Prevent Film Fading/Discoloration
-Privacy and Integrity Upgrading for Occupant, Pet, and Personal Property Protection

With options starting at just $75, we believe the public DESERVES an accurate knowledge of 
the true benefits of professional glass tinting. 

CALL NOW or  CLICK BELOW to learn how a ONE TIME investment will protect, save, and pay for itself starting immediately!

Customized Glass Tinting, Mobile Glass Repair & Replacement, & Wholesale Vehicle Accessories

Automotive Glass Tinting


Gain more efficiency and privacy with quality solar control. CCGT offers 3 different films with 3 different price ranges suited to fit your needs and budget!

Home & Business Tinting


GO GREEN and gain great efficiency and curb appeal for your house and commercial building with a professional Lifetime Warranty window film installation!

Boat, RV/Camper, Machine 


CCGT offers a Mobile Unit to those who need better protection and efficiency from the sun in their tractor, equipment, RV, and camper. 


Additional Services

*Glass Repair and Replacement

*Window Cleaning

*Vinyl Installation

*Wholesale Accessories & Gear 

Was looking for a tint shop in Jefferson City and Columbia and Capital City is the only one around with great review, pictures, great prices. I called to make an appointment and knew what they were talking about gave me all the info I needed and asked all the info they needed. It's all hand cut so you don't have any small spot of sunlight coming through. The people are fantastic. Will go out of your way to talk to you. Wouldn't go to any other shop.

   -Brett a.

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The Tint Gurus

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